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  The Crow's Loft

The Crow's Loft was started out on July 21, 1998. The original version of the site was called The Crow Page and was created in a matter of six hours. Shortly after launch I added a separate section for The Crow: Stairway To Heaven TV series. I have to be honest I never expected the site to take off like it did especially when compared to how well Cecil's Crow Page was doing.

In September 1999 the page was renamed The Crow's Nest and new features were added which some of them would later become apart of such as the instant messaging directories and Devil's Night Greeting Cards. Shortly after becoming The Crow's Nest I began working on with Phr0st and he offered to host my website but I needed to buy a domain name. was taken so instead I purchased which was recommended by LLCruize of A Boy and His Bird News.

The site went through a few redesigns until its retirement on July 21, 2004. As you can tell my retirement only lasted about two years. After seeing the fall of and The Crow: A Dead Man Visits You, and the retirement of A Boy and His Bird, Phr0st and I agreed to bring back After the wheels were set in motion for, Phr0st had to pull out due to his job. So LLCruize, Corvus, and I all agreed to come out of retirement, so I fixed The Crow's Loft to update some parts of the site and better integrate the site with

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