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  The Crow's Loft
Alternate cover of the first issue

To order volume 1 The Crow: Vengence which has issues 1,2,3,5,6 in it click here.
To order volume 2 The Crow: Evil Beyond Reach which has issues 4,7,8,9,10 click here.

From Image Comics

Fans know the Crow from two feature films (with a third film due in early 2000); the syndicated television series, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven; and a decade's worth of original publications by Crow creator, James O'Barr. The story of The Crow revolves around Eric Draven and his postmortem quest to take vengeance upon those who cruelly took his true love's life as well as his own. Published by Image Comics. In North America, call 1-800-COMIC-BOOK to find the comic book shop nearest you.

Description from

In the cruel world of the ghetto, you grow up with violence, murder, drugs and prostitution. The pure love Shelly Webster and Eric Draven shared was a beautiful miracle, a tender rose in a wild, overgrown garden. But their lives were cut short when a wrong apartment number led a gang of drug lords to mistakenly murder them only days before their wedding. Now, Eric haunts the city as the Crow, a shadow administering revenge for not only his loss, but for others as well. A police officer enlists the aid of the Crow to uncover the truth about the jailed suspect of a murdered 9 year-old girl. Will justice be served or will the wrong man be sentenced? As the Crow is flushing out information about the murder, he discovers that Shelly`s grave has been desecrated. Who has Shelly`s body and why? Share Eric Draven`s misery as he relives another injustice of life in death.

The series was cancelled in September 1999, and the last issue was published November 1999. The series was published by Image Comics which is owned by Todd McFarlene. There was ten issues published all together for more information click here.

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