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  The Crow's Loft

Basic Info Cast Added Scenes Cut Scenes

Basic Info

Released: Friday the 13th, May, 1994
Setting: Futuristic/gothic psuedo-Detroit
Film Color Scheme: Red
Length: 101 minutes
Gross: $94 million
Director: Alex Proyas
Producer: Edward R. Pressman and Jeff Most
Screenplay: David J. Schow and John Shirley
Plot: Eric Draven (Brandon lee), and his fiancee Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas) plan to get married on Halloween. They are both killed on Devil's Night the night before their wedding. Because their death was so terrible, and their love so strong, the Crow brings Eric back to life "to put the wrong things right." He comes back to kill the four gang members who killed him and Shelly, and finally ends up going after the leader of the gang.


Eric Draven (Brandon Lee)
Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas)
Sarah (Rochelle Davis)
Officer Albrecht (Ernie Hudson)
Top Dollar (Michael Wincott)
Grange (Tony Todd)
T-Bird (David Patrick Kelly)
Skank (Angel David)
Tin Tin (Laurence Mason)
Funboy (Michael Massey)
Myca (Bai Ling)
Darla (Anna Thomson)
Gideon (Jon Polito)
Also featuring My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Added Scenes

When Brandon died, there was 8 days of filming left in the movie. To finish out the rest of the movie, they used a live body double and some digital composing. Dream Quest was the company who did the special effect for breaking the mirror, Brandon did not break the mirror because the scene was shot after his death. DreamQuest manged to make it look like Brandon did it. The scene of him entering the loft was the stunt double, on most of the shots that are behind brandon in the loft are the body doubles.

Cut Scenes

Early in the film T-Bird and the gang torch Arcade games, after that they were supposed to victimize Alison and leave to die in the ensuring firebomb. Eric follows the crow and arrives at the building just after it excepts, the woman slowly fades in his hands, and he gets his first flashbacks.

The scene when T-Bird says smokes and road beers at the corner store. Skank gets shot by two young thugs after running outside from the store after seeing T-Bird getting carjacked by Draven.

The biggest cut of all was the Skull Cowboy scenes. He was also Eric's guide. He tells Eric to follow the bird and not to work for the living. If he worked for the living like he did for Darla, he bled, which explains the tape on this wrists. The scene with Funboy getting the knife in the bathroom and stabbing Draven was also cut, Eric bled because he helped the living.

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