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A Review Of 'The Crow'

In this article, I am going to be reviewing the movie 'The Crow'. This particular movie has actually been reviewed quite well and many times indeed, since its initial release in the year 1994. It is, of course, the movie Brandon Lee was making when he was accidentally shot while filming a scene for this […]

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The Plot Of The Movie 'The Crow'

It is a really popular movie that actually came out on May 13 in 1994, and the runtime is around 102 minutes. It was a box office success, and it even has a cult following, since it has become a franchise. It is an American dark fantasy superhero movie, and it is really popular indeed. […]

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The Crow : The Film

In this article, I am going to be talking all about The Crow, the movie. It is actually a 1994 dark fantasy superhero movie that came out in America first. It was actually directed by Alex Proyas, and it starred Brandon Lee, which happened to be his final performance. This movie is actually based on […]

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