June 18, 2021

A Review Of 'The Crow'

In this article, I am going to be reviewing the movie 'The Crow'. This particular movie has actually been reviewed quite well and many times indeed, since its initial release in the year 1994. It is, of course, the movie Brandon Lee was making when he was accidentally shot while filming a scene for this particular movie. It is not at all without any irony that the story actually involves a hero who returns from the dead after being killed by also stabbing. He clearly demonstrates in it that he might have actually become an action star if he had lived.

The story actually begins with a resurrection from the dead. A rockstar named Eric was murdered along with his fiance on the eve of their wedding, and his soul is escorted to the next world by a crow, but when a spirit is unhappy because of unsettled business on earth, sometimes the crow will actually bring him back again. A year later, on Halloween eve, Eric reappears on earth, vowing proper vengeance on those who committed the murder.


Basically, that is all there is to the story, but the flashbacks actually recreate the original murder scene and then, Eric being led by the crow and more. He basically fashions himself some makeup, and also, since he's already dead, bullets cannot harm him, and any bones can heal immediately. The story basically exists as an excuse for the production values of the particle of them, which are extremely superb. The visual style and the cinematography are absolutely spectacular. The cameras swoop high above the city and also dips low for extreme angle shots. The shadows cast are very fierce, and when they Dagar into the light. The buildings are exaggerated in the architectural detail as well. There are a lot of things that you can actually love about this particular movie. The soundtrack is really great. At times, the movie actually looks like a very violent music video and almost all image and action are spectacular.

If it had been developed a little more, it would have helped with the story and characterisation; however, it might have had quite the same amount of success indeed. In the real world, the movie was actually quite successful. Take me almost 3 or four times the amount in theatres, when compared to its budget.
You should also know that the scene in which Brandon Lee was accidentally shot is not exactly in the movie, but the fact that his death cannot help providing a melancholy subtext to everything that he does on screen and also all of his speeches about revenge and death provides a very sad irony indeed.

Katherine Hall

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