June 15, 2021

The Plot Of The Movie 'The Crow'

It is a really popular movie that actually came out on May 13 in 1994, and the runtime is around 102 minutes. It was a box office success, and it even has a cult following, since it has become a franchise. It is an American dark fantasy superhero movie, and it is really popular indeed. Down below is the plot for the movie. Enjoy.

On the night of October 30, the devils night in Detroit, Sergeant is at the scene of a crime where Shelly Webster has actually been raped and beaten. Her fiance Eric lies dead on the street as well, after having been shot, stabbed and also thrown out the window. The couple had actually planned on getting married the next day, on Halloween. As he leaves for the hospital, with Shelley, he meets a young girl, Sara, who says that she is her friend and take care of her. He reluctantly tells her that Shelly is dying.


One year later, a crow taps on Erics Greenstone and then, Eric awakens out of his grave and climbs out. He actually came back to life, and he starts having flashbacks. Eric soon discovers that any of the ones he receives will immediately heal; guided by the crow, he sets out to avenge his murder and Shelly's rape.

The crow actually helps Eric locate tin tin, and Eric kills him and takes his court, before going to the pawnshop where he pawned his engagement ring. He forces the owner to return it. He then blows up the entire shop with gasoline, but he spares Gideon so that he can warn all of the others. He also confronts Darla by making her realise that Sarah needs her to be a really good mother.

After he finishes some plans, he returns to his grave, and Sarah bids him farewell, and he gives her Shelly's engagement ring. I feel that if I reveal anymore, it will actually be a gigantic spoiler. But you should know that this is a spectacular movie that is completely action-packed.

The movie became quite a hit at the box office, and it opened at number one in the United States of America in more than 1500 theatres. It averaged more than $8000 per theatre. Some industry sources actually believed some theatres overstated the weekend gross. The film ultimately ended up being a really popular film. It made a lot of money overseas as well; I am talking about the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and more.
The critical response was also quite positive, as it received more than 83% on rotten tomatoes and more than 8 out of 10 by a lot of reviewers. All in all, it was received well and received a cult following as well.

Katherine Hall

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